Welcome to the 7th Annual 12-Week Challenge!

A few years back I began to challenge my clients to not set “resolutions” but to set goals….with a well thought out plan of attack! During this 12 week journey, you’re going to work hard, discover amazing things about yourself and walk away with lots of tools to help you keep going with your lifestyle changes.  You may even walk away with lots of CASH! Last year, our 3 winners won a total of $3500 from the Jackpot!!  Please don’t take this challenge lightly  It’s called a challenge for a reason! You’ll be expected to complete a goal worksheet,  encouraged to participate in FREE fitness events throughout AND stay on track through Spring Break.  Yep…..life doesn’t stop happening just because you have a goal.  Don’t worry, I’ll help you through that too! So how do you get started?



  1. “Like” my Facebook Page  and/or follow me on Instagram (@sandi.griffin) to keep up to date on 12-Week Challenge Events such as cooking classes and cardio fun!
  2. Read the “Rules & Regulations” pertaining to this challenge
  3. Read the Instructions THOROUGHLY before filling out the….
  4. 12-Week Challenge Goal Worksheet
  5. Come weigh-in January 20th -25th
  6. Make your $25 donation to the Jackpot via PayPal or cash
  7. Get ready for a fun and exciting 12 weeks!!

12-Week Challenge Rules & Regulations

  • The 12-Week Challenge will begin on January 27th and end on April 20th 2020 and is a FREE event
  • Winner of the challenge is based on % of bodyweight lost
  • Each participant will read the instructions for and complete the 12-Week Challenge Goal Worksheet.
  • To participate in the Jackpot (optional!), a donation of $25 must be made via PayPal or cash.  100% of all donations go towards the Jackpot. You may still participate in the 12-Week Challenge without the donation, however if you win, you will receive ONLY the prize portion of the award and not the cash. If the Jackpot is forfeited by the 1st place winner, it will be awarded to 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners if eligible.
  • Cash Prizes will be awarded as follows: If the Jackpot is under $1025, 2nd place will receive their $25 back, 1st place will receive the remainder of the Jackpot.  If the Jackpot is over $1050, 1st place will receive $1000, 3rd place will receive their $25 back and 2nd place will receive the remaining amount
  • All winners will also receive prizes donated by me (Sandi Griffin) as well as event sponsors
  • Previous 1st Place winners are ineligible to participate in the jackpot award, however they may still participate in all events
  • All events scheduled for the 12-Week Challenge are FREE and open for  the challenge participants only
  • Weigh-ins will only be accepted in my presence between the dates of January 20th-25th.  If you are a long distance participant (more than 60 minutes away from the Falcon/Peyton area), please contact me to arrange a proctored weigh-in.  Late weigh-ins will be accepted (no early weigh-ins)
  • Final weigh-ins will be taken between April 17th-20th ONLY! Please plan accordingly this last week as no late weigh-ins will be accepted.  However, EARLY weigh-ins will be accepted if necessary
  • Please consult with your physician if you have any questions or concerns about your health regarding physical activity
  • Please consult with a certified nutritionist/dietician if you have questions or concerns regarding your nutrition

12-Week Challenge Instructions

1. Choose a goal that will stretch you bit!  

  •  A loss of 1 to 2 pounds a week is healthy and attainable.




2. What tools do I need to get started?

  • Begin educating yourself!  Learn what the different components of food are (carbohydrates, protein, fat) and how your body uses them
  •  Write everything down!  Track each meal, EVERY DAY! Track your fluid intake!  You can’t make changes unless you know what needs changing.  I recommend the “My Fitness Pal” smart phone app (also available free online).
  • Find an accountability partner.  Having someone waiting to meet you for a workout or cardio will keep you from letting it slide
  • ***OPTIONAL*** Make an appointment for a Metabolic Test or Bod Pod®️.  These tests will give you your specific caloric intake needed to lose weight as well as for your maintenance once you’ve reached your goal.  This test is specific to only YOUR body. This test is free for military members at the base wellness center.  Colorado Springs location: http://ihwcwellness.com
  • Schedule your workout/cardio time as if it were a doctor’s appointment.  It needs to be as important as brushing your teeth every day!!

3.  Who I will share my SPECIFIC goal with:

  • If you don’t share your goal with anyone, then it’s extremely easy to slip, to cheat, to skip the gym…..or even quit!  When I say I want you to find 10 different people to share your goal with, I MEAN IT!!!
  • There should be one person on your list that would love to see you fail, or who might try to sabotage your efforts – even if it’s not in a malicious manner.  This is the person(s) who you are going to prove wrong!  You are not going to give them the satisfaction of not reaching your goal!
  • The other people on your list should be those who will encourage and cheer you on, as well as admonish and hold you accountable in all areas…..at work, home, at a restaurant, at the gym, on vacation, etc.

4. What obstacles might hinder my progress?

  • Life isn’t going to stop because you set a goal.  In fact, life will usually be the most hectic just as you get started.  There is no such thing as the “perfect time”….only NOW!  Try and list every possible roadblock that could happen in the next 3 months
  • TDY, Deployment, shift change, retirement
  • Illness, weather, car trouble
  • Babysitter issues, kids schedules
  • Vacations, visitors, special occasions


5. What will I do to overcome them?     

  • So knowing what curveballs are coming at you allows you to DUCK!  If you know there’s a stau on A-6, you’re not purposely going to drive straight into it are you?  You’ll most likely already have an alternate route in mind and avoid the delay.
  • Expect the unexpected!  What tools will you use to make sure your goal remains your priority even when it gets tough

6. What 3 habits will I challenge myself to avoid?

  • Know yourself…….and don’t kid yourself.  You know your weak spots and you also know your habits.  What habits are going to severely hinder your progress?
  • How are you going to avoid them?  What’s your plan?
  • BE SPECIFIC!!! (notice a trend here?)

7. What 3 NEW habits will I challenge myself to implement

  • What changes need to be made to your daily routine (even on the weekends!) that will dramatically aide in your success?
  • How are you going to ensure this happens all the time?
  • You got it!…..BE SPECIFIC!!

8. How would you like to be encouraged & motivated during the next 12 weeks?

  • I WILL help you out in any way I can!  I WILL NOT accept excuses, nor will I “coddle” anyone.  I will, however, provide you with any tool in my arsenal, continuously check your progress, answer any questions you might have and help educate you in any area you feel you are lacking.

9. How would you like to be held accountable and set back on track during these next 12 weeks?

  • Things are going to happen…..we’re human!  And don’t expect perfection in this journey!  However, when you “fall off the wagon” get right back on it that minute!!  Don’t wait until the infamous Monday, or next week…..  Right that minute!  You messed up.  So what.  You’re back on track now.
  • Be honest with me.  I can’t help you if I don’t know where you’re struggling.
  • Be honest with your accountability list (#3).  Same thing!  That’s what it’s designed for.
  • Don’t punish yourself for a slip up……suck it up and move on.

Before you sign the statement at the bottom of your worksheet, I want you to honestly evaluate yourself. 

Are you truly going to give 100%?  This is a personal challenge. You’ll only get out of it what you put into it. How motivated and willing to challenge yourself are you?  Only you can achieve your goal! What you “want” and what we’re actually willing to “do” (and sacrifice) are sometimes two very different things. Everyone has the potential to accomplish amazing things with their health and fitness. But not everyone has the motivation and/or dedication. Are you ready for the next amazing 12 weeks?!