I first met Sandi when I officially weighed-in for the 12 week challenge she had put together. I was over 300 pounds, had no clue how to be effective in a gym or even how to use half of the equipment.  Daily tasks in my life were difficult due to lack of stamina and joint pain from all the extra weight I carried. I have been obese my entire life and don’t recall the last time I was under 200 pounds, sometime before my pre-teens.  During my first meeting with Sandi, it was apparent to me that Sandi has a deep passion for helping people. Perhaps the most striking to me, was the fact that I never felt judged. She was supportive, encouraging, and uplifting, telling me that I could reach any goal that I set for myself – as long as I was willing to put in the work.

Diet and exercise is not a new concept to me. Several years and a few kids ago I had lost some weight quickly. After suffering a second trimester miscarriage that I was lucky to survive, adding three additional kids to my household, homeschooling, and balancing therapy and the struggles of having a special needs toddler – personal fitness was no longer a priority. Prior to learning about Sandi’s 12 week challenge, I learned that I was on the verge of pre-diabetes, which was a scary “wake-up” call. Although I had reduced my sugar and changed some of my eating habits, it was not enough to make the life saving change I was looking for.

Meeting Sandi has completely changed my life. She has educated me me about nutrition, goal setting, learning my strengths and weaknesses, and that change can occur regardless of our situations.  I signed up for her in-home nutrition course and learned how to easily prepare a week’s worth of meals – a key factor in my success. Not having to “think” about what to eat, how to balance the meals, or how many calories each item is has made life so much easier.

Through working with Sandi I have also learned that I am stronger than I realized. Sandi pushes me every time we work in the gym and encourages me to bring out my best every time. She also tells it like it is. She won’t sugar coat anything. So you know if she tells you are doing great – you can believe it! In the short time I have worked with Sandi I lost 43  pounds, gained a great deal of strength and stamina, I am no longer pre-diabetic, and can keep up with my kids without feeling exhausted or having constant joint pain. I have also learned that if you want reach your goals bad enough – you will do what it takes to make it happen. I understand time restrictions with kids and activities, but I have leaned to make reaching my fitness goals a priority and I can find the time it takes. #howbaddoyouwantit!!


My life is forever changed because of Sandi!

~Lena Gilmore


My time with Sandi has definitely been an incredible experience. I came to Sandi with a goal to be competitive in Men’s Physique and not only did she help me start my journey, but she was with me every step of the way until I reached my goal. I had very little experience in the kitchen and Sandi squared away my meal plan and even helped me with my first meal prep in person. Honestly I can’t think of a bad experience that I had under Sandi, but I will say don’t go into this unless this is something you really really want because you have to put forth the effort. At the end of this experience Sandi’s mentoring has taught me a lot about accountability, self-discipline, and nutrition.

Johnathan Mease

Mens Physique

IG: @measemode.fit




Sandi is amazing. I was training for the 2016 Olympic Team Trials for women’s wrestling and got sidelined with no ONE but TWO injuries. I tore my ACL and got a slap-tear in my shoulder. Recovering was most important so I could get back in the wrestling room training ASAP. Sandi helped me with my nutrition IMMENSE

 She got me on track with quality, healthy nutrition. She made it so easy for me to manage myself so I could be fit to fight. Anyone who needs help getting their nutrition inline, wants to become empowered and educated so they control their own lives – not food controlling them, or you just want to eat healthier so your body and brain can function better – she THE ONE. Seriously, she is the only who helped me, and i’m grateful.


-Sally Roberts

2x World Bronze medalist in wrestling

Combat Veteran for the Army’s Special Operations Command

former member of the Army’s Elite World Class Athlete Program



I wanted to step completely outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself both mentally and physcially. I chose a 12 week prep of nutrition and nutrition plan with Sandi in hopes of competing in my first physique show to simply prove to myself anything is possible. I decided to sign up with Sandi because of her amazing journey. She set out to challenge herself regardless of life’s challenges and thrive through unexpected events, and became stronger than ever. She is an inspiration and a positive source of energy that drives a tam to achieve a common goal. As I encountered some issues physically and professionally, she helped myself and the team with a flexible diet and training plan that promoted recovery and health. Team Griffin is unique in the fact this journey was not done alone. We trained as a team, ate as a team, traveled as a team, and connected through each other to conquer our individual challenges.
As a whole, my experience was both fun and challenging. I learned more about myself than I ever have before i.e., pushing past physical limits, and practicing discipline with all non-cognitive skills to be successful. I recommend Sandi and the prep for anyone whom is willing to challenge themselves. I look forward to my next prep and the training that ensues. #TeamGriffin

-Lamar Simmons


I heard about Sandi from a friend who recommended I use her for posing coaching. Little did I know that just a few months later I would be hiring her for workouts, nutrition, posing and competition coaching. Sandi stood out from any other coach I’ve ever had, she asked the important and hard questions, she challenged you to really find out who you are hiring for coaching.

Sandi has a very sustainable approach to coaching, nutrition and workouts. Her meal plans will change the way you look at “dieting” forever. She customizes your diet down to the smallest details, making sure it fits your dietary needs, food preferences, cravings and even time constraints. Sandi is more than a coach… she’s a super hero and I wish I could take her with me everywhere I go. She truly will go out of her way to make you feel important and confident. I couldn’t recommend another person for you to trust your health and fitness goals with.

– Katie Logan

My overall experience with Sandi has been nothing, but unforgettable! I have always wanted to compete in a fitness show, but I lacked the courage to do soand understanding of what steps I needed to take to make it happen. Sandi helped, not only make this journey possible, but gifted me with the knowledge that future fitness goals are reachable. Pushing beyond physical limits, correcting negative thoughts, and knowing meal prep is far from boring has left a beautiful imprint that I will keep with me forever. Sandi said to be a sponge and I’ve been delighted to soak in her knowledge.

I was hesitant to get in touch with Sandi because I was 5 months post-partum and exclusively breastfeeding and I didn’t think competing would be a possibility. I reached out to her anyway. I was grateful for the honesty and understanding. 16 weeks later I was on stage competing in my very first show. Sandi adjusted my macros accordingly, helped me overcome doubt, and made me fall in love with my body again. If anyone needs a solid mentor in their fitness journey and healthy lifestyle I would definitely recommend Sandi Griffin to anyone…literally anyone from all different walks of life!
– Amanda Manley

(right photo taken 3 months apart (Jan-Apr.) 8 months post-partum and breastfeeding)


I originally heard about Sandi from a friend who was preparing for his own physique competition last year, and heard that she was the “go-to” person overseas here in Germany to cater to the needs of those of us looking to get in shape and/or compete in a show. I attended one of her seminars on a whim based on suggestions from a friend, without any real initial desire to be a physique competitor. After hearing her speak on how she operates, along with the words from her athletes who were also in attendance, I decided to take on the challenge and prepare myself with her 16-week competition prep program.
I gained so much confidence and knowledge from my experiences as Sandi’s client in the realm of health and fitness which I will carry with me for the rest of my life. In addition, she helped me rediscover that athlete that I once was that was still there deep down inside me, it really just took that belief she had in me, along with the support of a great team of other athletes. Everyone else training under her is so supportive of each other as well, from the hard training days leading to competition, to posing practice, to the day of competition, and even fun activities unrelated to bodybuilding/fitness. My only regret with going to Sandi is that I had not sought her out sooner, as she takes great care in specially tailoring each client’s nutrition, workouts, and overall well-being.
Kristian Grabenstein~
Instagram: @grabensteink





I initially heard about Sandi from a friend who had decided to compete in a newcomer’s show. I was on the fence about competing and wasn’t sure I wanted to commit the money, so I started doing prep on my own. I quickly discovered how overwhelming it was, and how necessary it was to have someone who knew what they were doing to guide me through the process. I immediately got over the money aspect when I saw the amazing products and services Sandi provided. Her step-by-step plan was tailored exactly to my needs and she was ALWAYS willing to assist at the drop of a hat. Her knowledge and passion for the sport is contagious and helped to inspire confidence and boost morale throughout the toughest parts of prep.

The best thing about Sandi though is you can count on her to tell it how it is. She is not someone who will tell you what you want to hear just to boost your ego or ensure you continue using her products. Her honest, yet respectful, approach is refreshing and something that is much needed in the industry. The coaching, nutrition, and overall life advice I gained throughout prep with Sandi was worth every dime and more. I would highly recommend anyone even vaguely interested in competing or just getting their nutrition in check contact Sandi; I promise you will not be disappointed. She exhibited in every way what it means to be a trainer and mentor and pushed me to a level that I did not know I had within me. If you are looking to train with someone who “walks the talk” then look no further, Sandi is a consummate professional who has competed at the highest levels, yet is able to connect as an individual with anyone regardless of their fitness level. I wish I had committed earlier to training with Sandi, but am grateful for the experience and would not change it for the world!

-Daniel Browne

Instagram: @dsbro25




I came to Sandi after being in Germany for 1 year and after I had gained 30 pounds I knew I needed help.  She immediately responded to me, asked me about my goals and we got to work.  16 weeks later I was on stage competing in my third bodybuilding competition.  Sandi helped me get back to were I needed to be.  Over those 16 weeks Sandi was patient, answered all of the silly questions I had, invited me to her nutrition class and took extra time to assist me with posing to ensure I was ready for the stage.  She was motivating yet honest, which I needed.  Patient yet detailed which lifted me.  Sandi also encouraged me to be independent, create my own workouts and nutrition plans so that I would not rely on trainers all my life.  I learned a lot from Sandi and am very pleased to be apart of the Griffin Team/Family.

-Mimi Edgerson




I remember the day I made the decision to actually compete. Several months before, I was talking to friend about why I would never do it.  And he told me I should at least try it, I would meet amazing women and friends, and that I shouldn’t knock it until I’ve actually tried it.  Boy was he right!  I spent months searching for the right coach and worrying about the unknown. Then I met Sandi for the first time. I made it very clear I was only going to try it out to see how I liked it.

Two years later, I am still doing it.  I have met some amazing women and friends.  Sandi pushes me to be better every visit and every season.  If you have a goal, she will help you get there. It may sound strange at first, but a little trust goes a long way.  Trust what she says and as long as you put in the effort, you will see the results you want. It may take time but we have all the time in the world!!

Oh and the food….did I mention the food!  This woman knows that good health is not sustainable without good nutrition.  Give her nutrition plan a try.  I couldn’t do this without great tasting food.  If I had to eat plain chicken and rice or broccoli, I would have quit a long time ago.  I eat normal food in reasonable portion sizes. I waste incredibly less food since I have started meal prepping and the family even enjoys the food that I eat and have started eating it themselves.  My kids too!  Working with Sandi has indirectly affected my family’s health.  I never forced it upon them either.  They gradually came around.

I am glad I made the right choice out of the box!  Sandi never attempts anything dangerous when it comes to your health.  She has been there and wants to make sure no one else is ever put in that position.  I will never have another coach!  One and done.

~Lillian Van Pelt