1 Week Food Prep in 1 Hour?! Is That Even Possible?!?!

Why yes, it absolutely is!  I was able to prepare 4 meals in less than 1 hour, plus dinner (which will be lunch the following day) in 18 additional minutes.  Food preparation on Sunday is my key to success when it comes to my competition prep, as well as my off-season maintenance.  It doesn’t have to take all day, nor does it have to be complicated.  I’ve chosen a few of my favorite, simple recipes to demonstrate just how easy and stress-free food prep can be.  Ready to give it a shot?

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Who’s Responsibility Is It Anyway?

I’m sure you’ve all been there….the diet sabotage.  We’ve either done it to ourselves or someone has done it to us.  Or have they??

I love catching up with my clients after the weekend.  It’s great to hear about the travel they did (living in Europe offers countless opportunities!), or the simple stay-at-home relaxing couple of days.  I asked a client how her weekend was.  I also asked how she had done with her nutrition over the weekend.  She said, “not so good….”  She had gone to a friend’s house for dinner and had eaten what she knew was not in her plan for her fitness and weight loss goals.  Not only was the meal not exactly healthy and balanced, the host continued to insist they have more.  My client felt like she was obligated to eat…..and eat some more.  She was worried it would offend her friend or hurt her feelings.  So who’s fault was it anyway?

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On Track With Your Nutrition (Part 2)

Now the work begins!  These next steps require lots of thought, planning, preparation and some simple math.  Once you get the hang of this, it’ll be something as easy as getting the coffee pot ready!

So the next step is to determine the proper amount of macro nutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat) your body needs to achieve your goals. For example, someone training for a bodybuilding competition will require a larger amount of protein and fewer carbs.  A bodybuilder will be creating a need for the body to take in lots of protein due to the heavy weights being lifted every single day and fewer carbs to make the body utilize the fat stores.  However,  someone training for a marathon would need a larger ratio of carbs to protein. They have created a need for their body to stay lightweight and with a streamlined musculature.  They also require large and frequent amounts of carbohydrates based on their large amounts of cardio activity.  Most folks that I work with are simply looking to lose a few pounds and gain a little lean muscle mass in the process to maintain a nicer shape. But remember…..you also have to create this type of NEED for your body to properly utilize these calories and macro nutrients!  That means along with this balanced meal plan, a proper ratio of resistance training and cardio 4-5 days a week!

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On Track With Your Nutrition (Part 1)

One of the biggest keys to my weight loss success and maintenance was fueling my body with proper nutrition every three hours. These small, regular meals allow me to keep a proper ratio of carbs, protein and fat steadily feeding my body which in turn keeps my blood sugar steady, my hunger under control and my energy level up. How in the world am I supposed to eat every three hours?  How in the heck am I going to prepare all that food every day??  This blog series is intended to educate you in basic nutrition, help you identify your nutrition needs and simplify the food preparation so that you have no more excuses not to eat healthy…..ALL the time in ANY situation!!

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