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Changing habits is like Potty Training! (Part 3)

When you look in the mirror and see no change, and you still keep faith, knowing that in time you WILL get there if you stay the course, that’s the difference between those who ultimately succeed and those who fail.

No more diapers! Now you’ve entered the “action” phase.  You may have actually gone on a power walk, bought salad and chicken for your meal, or even ventured into a gym to lift weights or do cardio!  Does this mean that it’ll be smooth and easy from this point on?  Nope…..afraid not.  In fact, accidents are bound to happen.  “Pull-Ups” may still be required at night time and it there will be GREAT days, and of course the train wrecks….

So now what?  Well, now you enter the “maintenance” portion of your behavior change.  This is continuing to get to the gym every day. Continuing to control your intake of calories. Because initiating a new behavior usually seems like the hardest part of the process of change, we often fail to adequately prepare for the final phase of Maintenance. Yet without a doubt, maintaining a new behavior is the most challenging part of any behavior change.  This is where setting up your goals and sharing them with the people that will help hold you accountable comes back in.  I share with my clients all the time…..LIFE is going to happen!  Just because you set a goal does NOT mean that spouses won’t get deployed, that kids won’t get sick, cars won’t break down, you won’t have an injury, etc., etc.  These are most definitelygoing to occur.  I have potty trained 3 children and we had LOTS of accidents, but guess what…..they all wear their “big boy/girl panties/underwear” without any problems now.  

It takes time and determination.  I began my journey in late 2007 and even to this very day, I still have my weak moments.  However, I have an incredible and amazing support system of family and friends that keep me honest, encourage me and accept my short comings.  I keep pushing towards larger and larger goals each year.  Will I reach each one of them?  I sure hope so!  But if not, I’m sure a lot happier and healthier than I was when I began.  And the experiences, knowledge and strength I’ve gained along the way is priceless…..and worth every sacrifice made.

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