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A Community Coming Together

Our bodybuilding and figure team met for the first time back in January.  This would be our first team get-together for the 2013 season. I wanted each person to know what they were getting themselves into (smile!), so I drafted and presented  each athlete with a “welcome letter”.  This letter contained lots of information from who their coaches would be, to the team mission statement, to how to order a posing suit!

Also included in this letter were expectations…..what they could expect of the coaches, what was expected of each athlete, and what they could expect from the team as a whole.

This is what it stated:

What you can expect from the TEAM:

  • Positive atmosphere – We will ensure that you will be a part of a coaching atmosphere free from any negative comments, behaviors and attitudes.  Our team is designed to build one another up and support and encourage one another.
  • Motivation – Personal challenges will very much be a part of the upcoming months!  Each member of our team will be working very hard to achieve their goals.
  • Accountability – Each member can depend on everyone to help them through the challenges that lie ahead.  Whether it’s cardio, diet, or simply a positive attitude, we will help each other out!

With all the challenges of getting ready to compete – and many for the first time! – we now have the added challenges of life, specifically the challenges many of us (including my family) with the budget cuts and sequestrations. I had no idea how much this team would take this statement to heart and show everyone some REAL strength….in numbers!!

I just received word yesterday morning that our bodybuilding and figure show had been canceled due to the budget cuts.  In less than 48 hours, a huge team of volunteers has already secured the facility for the event, lined up an MC, 4 judges, 2 potential DJ’s, someone to handle registration, found a potential sponsor for the trophies, a potential sponsor for the overall winner’s awards AND someone is in the process of rounding up volunteers for set up/clean up!!

The amazing thing is that this is a MULTI-community effort!!!  Our sister team from Stuttgart is helping us out, we’ve got folks from the Ramstein Team seeking volunteers and we’re about to reach out to the Baumholder, Spangdahlem and Weisbaden athletic community as well!!!

We have had so much taken away from us recently…..folks have been sent back to the states, lost their jobs over here, are facing a paycut/sequestration, etc.  This community needs something positive (and healthy!!) not only for the physical benefits, but the emotional as well.  It is truly amazing to see the effort going into to keeping morale up amidst the turmoil.  This military community is about to rise above it all & put on a top-notch show for each & every athlete that has given there all…..and a spectacular show for our supporters in the community!!!  And I can’t wait to be a part of it!!!  A shout out to Team Landstuhl, Team Stuttgart & Team Ramstein.  Love you guys!!!!   Stay tuned for more event info!!!

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