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Changing habits is like Potty Training! (Part 2)

So you’re starting to get tired of having a dirty/wet diaper (so to speak!). Now what? Children will soon begin to recognize what it is that makes them uncomfortable. They will begin to recognize the sensation shortly before and/or WHILE its happening. Now begins the “determination” phase.

Have you found yourself setting “quit days” and “start days? “This is going to be my last fattening meal. I’m eating healthy starting Monday.” Or, “I’m going to the gym on Monday and I’m only going to drink beer on the weekends.” Or maybe you’re at a restaurant and for the first time you ponder the caloric impact of the menu. These are all part of the the determination thought process to change the way we feel and look. How long have you been stuck here before? By now you may have acquired some information (from the contemplative stage) but now you actually have to “DO” it. Now you have to work these new habits into your busy schedule, you have to work around your family’s eating habits (which may differ from yours!), you have to avoid temptation and previous habits more often now, you may have to buy workout clothes, you may even need to hire a personal trainer! Whew…… Didn’t think of that? That’s why so many stall right here, or shortly after entering the next step. It does take a little forethought, a little planning and goal setting.

I used to use “Big Girl Barbie Panties” as a reason for my girls to use the potty. The thought of wearing them made them feel special and grown up. They soon discovered, however, that when an “accident” occurred, it was even more uncomfortable than the diaper. At that point, do you go back to your comfort zone, or do you push forward to the next and discover how awesome it’s going to be??

In this part of the lifestyle change journey, I cannot stress enough the importance of setting goals…..SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE & ATTAINABLE ones!! “I want to lose weight”. That’s great, but how are you going to do that? Who are you going to share your goal with? What things do you need to do before you get started? What obstacles would most likely pop up during this period of time? What will you do to get through them? What habits do you need to STOP doing? What habits do you need to START doing? What are you going to do when you get off track? Do you need to set smaller goals within your big goal? Stop for a moment and really think these through. If you go in with a solid plan that has been well thought out AND you have accountability set up (positive people you’ve shared your goal with that will make sure you’re doing the right thing), you will almost always succeed.

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