I feel strong, I feel healthy, confident...I just feel amazing! I am so grateful our paths crossed and I have [Sandi] in my corner!!

Name: Alisha Wagner
Age: 35
Occupation: Military Spouse, Mother of 2, Daycare Provider, Community Volunteer
Hometown: Denver, CO
Height: 5’1″
Starting Weight: 170 pounds
Current Weight: 157 pounds

My Story:

My 1st journey began in 2016. I had my last baby two years prior and had been struggling since with my weight. I have never been athletic never played sports but after a little research I found a coach and had my heart set on doing a competition! I started training June 2nd 2016 at 162lbs (I’m 5′ 1) and stepped on stage October 1st 2016 at 105lbs. That sounds great right?! Well it wasn’t and little did I know I was destroying my body, my metabolism, while damn near killing myself physically and mentally. I was eatting maybe 1000-1200 calories max and that was on a good day. I had cut carbs (literally all of them) was trying to lift weights and doing hours of cardio multiple times a day. After my last competition in spring 2017 I decided to quit.

I am a mom of two young crazy energetic boys. Wife to a green beret whos gone A LOT of the time. We have 4 dogs, chickens, and I am a Daycare provider. We like to camp, ski, travel all the fun stuff. With just life in general I knew there was no way I could sustain that lifestyle.

When I started what was my “refeed plan” I could now have a lot more calories, carbs and shoot even pop tarts!!! Yes, poptarts were on my plan from my “coach” – 2 of the brown sugar n cinnamon ones! Yum lol.. Soooo…what happened? My first week I gained almost 10lbs and from there they just kept packing on! I decided to go back to trying to starve myself again because it worked before so why not do it again And I got NOTHING! It didn’t matter what I ate or what I didn’t eat I could no longer keep my weight steady. I just consistently kept gaining. One week it would be 5lbs, the next week 2lbs it didn’t matter. The scale kept going up. I felt like crap thought I looked like crap so then I thought well might as well binge everything….and I did!!

Fast forward to 2019 when I met Sandi. I was at my heaviest weight EVER (about 170ish lbs) and felt really crappy. I remember writing her on Facebook with this huge message something a long the lines of “I won’t cut out any food groups, I refuse to do keto, I definitely ain’t buyin any special supplements, and I sure as hell ain’t doing hours of cardio…so anyway what do you recommend to your clients?” I thought for sure she was gonna think I was crazy and ignore my message. But nope! She came to my house we talked for hours and I immediately signed up for her nutrition class. I’m not gonna lie even though I said I wasn’t gonna cut out food groups, after her class I was in shock. Like wait your telling me I can eat cheese? I can eat pasta? I love pasta!! And then I was thinking what the heck –  SHE’S the crazy one!! But I listened to her and started small. Like really small. I changed one recipe a day and continued from there making small goals and changes.

January 2020 came and I noticed Sandi advertising for the 12 week challenge. I had been doing all these small things and I thought ya know what do I have to lose? I need to up my game and push myself. So I coaxed a few friends to sign up as well! I know they would 100% agree with me when I say it was life changing for all of us. We attended a bunch of classes, had our food on point (eatting 1600-1700 calories a day!) and were lifting consistently with a little cardio here and there. Then COVID-19 hit. We were determined to stay committed and not let it get in the way so we started training with Sandi. Which I have to add, also confirmed my suspicion after the meal planning class, she IS crazy! She whooped us….but in a good way of course! Anyway, I ended up losing about 25lbs which was around a 15% loss for me, taking 3rd place….and ate pasta like every day! It was hard and there were plenty of times I wanted to quit but I’m so glad I finished. I learned so much, met a bunch of other awesome motivating people and felt great!

2021 Here I am with new goals, new challenges but ready to face it all, kill it and STILL eat my pasta every day I am currently eating around 1800 (1-8-0-0 not a typo ) calories a day and believe it or not consistently lost 2lbs a week the past 5 weeks! I am lifting weights 6x a week and learned this awful thing called HIIT cardio which shes got me doing a couple times a week Lol. BUT the biggest difference is I can lift weights (big girl weights too). I feel strong, I feel healthyconfident…I just feel amazing! I am training with Sandi to do a competition and I’m sooo excited to be doing it the RIGHT way this time!! I am so grateful our paths crossed and I have her in my corner!!

I truly hope sharing my story helps, motivates or inspires even just one person here to keep on keeping on. Getting started is your 1st step and the hardest one. You’re committed, you’re here, you have all the tools you need. Try the classes, set small goals and make small changes for yourself. Find yourself an accountability partner, ask for help. Seriously take advantage of it all. You owe it to yourself and you are worth it! Let’s make 2021 our year, we can do this!!! #howbaddoyouwantit

Alisha Wagner~