"Sandi pushes me to be better every visit and every season. If you have a goal, she will help you get there. I will never have another coach! One and done."

My Story:

I remember the day I made the decision to actually compete. Several months before, I was talking to friend about why I would never do it.  And he told me I should at least try it, I would meet amazing women and friends, and that I shouldn’t knock it until I’ve actually tried it.  Boy was he right!  I spent months searching for the right coach and worrying about the unknown. Then I met Sandi for the first time. I made it very clear I was only going to try it out to see how I liked it.

Two years later, I am still doing it.  I have met some amazing women and friends.  Sandi pushes me to be better every visit and every season.  If you have a goal, she will help you get there. It may sound strange at first, but a little trust goes a long way.  Trust what she says and as long as you put in the effort, you will see the results you want. It may take time but we have all the time in the world!!

Oh and the food….did I mention the food!  This woman knows that good health is not sustainable without good nutrition.  Give her nutrition plan a try.  I couldn’t do this without great tasting food.  If I had to eat plain chicken and rice or broccoli, I would have quit a long time ago.  I eat normal food in reasonable portion sizes. I waste incredibly less food since I have started meal prepping and the family even enjoys the food that I eat and have started eating it themselves.  My kids too!  Working with Sandi has indirectly affected my family’s health.  I never forced it upon them either.  They gradually came around.

I am glad I made the right choice out of the box!  Sandi never attempts anything dangerous when it comes to your health.  She has been there and wants to make sure no one else is ever put in that position.  I will never have another coach!  One and done.