Client Testimonials

Alisha Wagner

I feel strong, I feel healthy, confident...I just feel amazing! I am so grateful our paths crossed and I have [Sandi] in my corner!!

Lena Gilmore

"Sandi pushes me every time we work in the gym and encourages me to bring out my best every time."

Lillian Van Pelt

"Sandi pushes me to be better every visit and every season.  If you have a goal, she will help you get there. I will never have another coach!  One and done."

Mimi Edgerson

"Sandi helped me get back to were I needed to be.  Over those 16 weeks Sandi was patient, answered all of the silly questions I had....and took extra time to assist me with posing to ensure I was ready for the stage.  She was motivating yet honest, which I needed.  "

Daniel Browne

"If you are looking to train with someone who “walks the talk” then look no further, Sandi is a consummate professional who has competed at the highest levels, yet is able to connect as an individual with anyone regardless of their fitness level."

Kristian Grabenstein

"I gained so much confidence and knowledge from my experiences as Sandi’s client in the realm of health and fitness which I will carry with me for the rest of my life."

Amanda Manley

"I was hesitant to get in touch with Sandi because I was 5 months post-partum and exclusively breastfeeding and I didn't think competing would be a possibility. I was grateful for the honesty and understanding. 16 weeks later I was on stage competing in my very first show!"

Katie Logan

"Sandi stood out from any other coach I’ve ever had, she asked the important and hard questions. She’s a super hero and I wish I could take her with me everywhere I go!"

Lamar Simmons

"I learned more about myself than I ever have before. Like pushing past physical limits and practicing discipline with all non-cognitive skills to be successful. I recommend Sandi and the prep for anyone whom is willing to challenge themselves."

Sally Roberts

"Anyone who needs help getting their nutrition inline, wants to become empowered and educated so they control their own lives - not food controlling them, or you just want to eat healthier so your body and brain can function better - she THE ONE."

Johnathan Mease

"I came to Sandi with a goal to be competitive in Men’s Physique and not only did she help me start my journey, but she was with me every step of the way until I reached my goal."