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Dreaming Big Enough?


“When you are living the best version of yourself, you inspire others to live the best versions of themselves.” ― Steve Maraboli

What are your  dreams?  What would your answer be if you knew for certain your dream would come true? Would it be different?

I recently asked my friends what their biggest health/fitness dream would be.  Answers ranged from “toned arms” to the “212 Mr. Olympia” to “hiking the Himalayas and meet the Dalai Lama” to “look good in a competition.”  Some people really do dream BIG…..others not.  Why is that?  I really started to ponder this in a conversation I had with my partner and training coach.  When he first started in bodybuilding, he was already dreaming about Mr. Olympia.  He achieved professional status and world ranking in every single federation he competed in.  Me….I was happy just to make it to the military stage and get a cheesy little trophy!  Actually, I was ecstatic!!  And I was happy the next 8 times I repeated that!! So what changed?

It took me sometime, but I began to realize that only my self doubt was really holding me back.  What did I really have to lose by stepping out into bigger waters?  Absolutely NOTHING!  So what if I didn’t come home with a trophy.  I would have the opportunity to stand on stage and compete with the world’s finest athletes.  I would get to push myself and see exactly what I was capable of achieving.  AND I would get to meet some truly amazing people along the way and have some unforgettable experiences (not to mention the travel!)  By staying in my comfort zone, I would never reach any higher.  Why should I? It was comfortable.

I really wish I could help each person really dream and set lofty goals.  I truly believe anyone can achieve whatever they set their minds to, even amidst life’s obstacles.  But I understand each person has to reach that understanding on their own.  I also understand that not every person has the discipline and passion to venture beyond what is familiar and comfortable.  You gotta “walk the walk”, right?  Words without action mean nothing.  Action, however, doesn’t require a single word!  I want to set an example, not with words, but with action so that others might stretch beyond their comfort zones and step into amazing adventures in health & fitness and discover new strengths they never knew they had.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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