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Comprehensive Fitness Training

1-on-1 training programs tailored specifically for your needs & goals

Fueled by an unrelenting Desire

My personal fitness journey fueled an unrelenting desire to empower others and discover the strength they have to achieve things they never imagined possible.

I mentor with passion, guiding my clients to effectively achieve their fitness goals and elevate their fitness and wellness to new heights.



Extensive Experience

Extensive experience with strength training, weight loss and injury prevention/recovery, cultivate the perfect environment for ultimate success. My mission has always been – and always will be – to build a stronger, healthier, more empowered community, one person, one relationship at a time.

In-Person Fitness Coaching

Enjoy 1-on-1 training in a fully-equipped, private studio with everything you need for an amazing workout.

Get FREE use of my Fitness App, complete with a program designed specifically to ensure amazing results, no matter what fitness level you are starting from.

You’ll also receive a custom nutrition plan*, use of the cardio room & hot tub, as well as personalized attention to keep you motivated and moving forward toward your goals.

(*custom meal plan offered 1x/month for clients schedule 2x/week)

Virtual Fitness Coaching

Have the freedom of a personalized online workout program with accountability and support all in one.

Get a comprehensive workout program that is ideal for your fitness level, equipment that is available to you, as well as your availability, all loaded on my Fitness App.

You’ll also receive a custom monthly nutrition plan, cardio schedule, weekly virtual check-ins, and 24/7 access to ensure all of your health and fitness goals are met.

My Values

Discover Your Strength Conquer Your Goals


I am committed to being authentic in all my relationships, practices and endeavors.  I adhere to delivering on promises made, with the utmost sincerity and genuineness. This trait, above all others, is central to my beliefs and being. I hold integrity in the highest regard, for without integrity, all other traits are meaningless. I am transparent about my shortcomings and strive daily to seek opportunities of growth, both personally and professionally.


I diligently practice being an active listener and connecting with people beyond the surface. I understand the power of real, true connection and the effect it can have on one’s life, therefore I approach each situation as an opportunity to make a positive, meaningful and lasting impact. I seek out relationships that are rooted in compassion, respect and a desire to learn and understand, even in the midst of diversity. Demonstrating humility, humor, understanding and empathy can begin to break down even the strongest of walls.


I take pride in ensuring the services I provide exceed the highest standards. The passion for the work I perform is demonstrated by the highest quality customer service experience. My commitment to continuing education and discovery for personal and professional growth is a priority to ensure I am ever moving forward as an individual, professional and leader.

Ready to get started? Lets do it!

Hire Sandi Griffin As Your Professional Fitness Coach

Fitness Coaching sessions are $60/hr and by appointment only.

Training sessions are 1-hour and are held in a fully-eqipped private studio.

I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your fitness goals and see if I have an available opening that will work for you. 

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