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Get Motivated & Stay In Shape with Affordable Options! 

Stay connected with me and access training and meal plans anytime from your smartphone, no matter where you are in the world.

Sync your wearable apps! The fitness app syncs with popular wearables so I can create training plans based on your activity level and fitness progress!



Turn Small Changes Into BIG Results!

Healthy living starts with healthy habits—after all, goals aren't achieved overnight, and success doesn't happen in an instant.

The things you do on a daily basis add up over time. I'll give you everything you need to build & practice good habits

with your activity, nutrition, & sleep.



Custom Workout Plans

Enjoy custom workouts created just for you - whether you are just getting started or want to take it to the next level!

The app will record and save all of your stats (reps, weights, sets, etc) and will notify you each time you hit a personal best. You can also utilize the extensive video library to help you learn each movement.


Track Your Nutrition

Track your nutrition through the Fitbit or MyFitnessPal app integrations.

The Fitbit integration will sync your body weight, resting heart rate, calories, macros and complete meal diaries. The MyFitnessPal integration syncs your calories and macros.

Need help with your nutrition? I can create a custom meal plan just for you and drop it right in the app!

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popular products!

Online Personal Training + Nutrition Coaching


Per Month

A completely personalized workout program based on your fitness ability, goals and equipment available. In addition, you’ll receive meal plans based on your dietary needs and preferences with a variety of foods, flavors and ingredients complete with shopping list and detailed instructions.

Fundamentals of Resistance Training


One Time

Fundamental resistance training exercises have been building bodies for decades! This 12-week program will take you step by step from basic movements to more advanced exercises. You’ll gain strength, burn lots of calories and keep the whole body in balance.

This 3-Day workout split, complete with cardio schedule, is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule.

Custom Workout Program


One Time

Enjoy a personalized comprehensive workout and cardio plan designed specifically for your health and fitness goals. Whether you are just starting out in your fitness journey or ready to take it to the next level of expertise, you’ll find your custom workout to be fun and challenging.

Includes 1 month FREE use of the app and group support!

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See how easy it is to navigate through workouts, track your progress, connect with others who have similar goals, and so much more!

Program includes:

  • Bodyweight Strength, Endurance & Tabata Workouts
  • Foam Rolling
  • Dynamic Warm-Up
  • 3-Day Basic Resistance Training Workouts

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