Your best friend...

...Or your worst enemy?

It’s so simple, really.  We need to eat and most of us are very aware of avoiding and/or limiting unhealthy choices such as fast food, processed foods and refined sugars.  But why do we continue to struggle with nutrition?  There are actually several reasons, many of which can be easily overcome. This section of my website is dedicated to educating and providing tools to guide you in that journey.
1-Week Custom Nutrition Plan


One Time

Make meal prep easy! ​I’ll create a 1 -week meal plan based on your dietary needs and preferences with a variety of foods,  flavors and ingredients.

  • Family-friendly, easy to prepare recipes
  • Shopping list included
  • Nutritional information with each recipe
  • Detailed instructions with time-saving tips
Most Popular
Healthy Nutrition & Meal Prep Workshop


Per Person* (*5 person minimum requirement)

Be a guest in my home and enjoy
watching me prepare 6 healthy meals in less than 2 hours!  You’ll get to see first hand how simple (and delicious!) meal prep can be. ​

  • Discover the basics of nutrition
    and how to make better choices
  • Learn to utilize “My Fitness Pal”
    to stay on track with your goals
  • Taste-test all 6 recipes!
  • Take home the meal plan, recipes and the shopping list


In-Home Nutrition Coaching


One Time

​Schedule an In-Home Nutrition Coaching session with me and gain in-depth understanding and know-how to confidently plan, shop for and prepare your own healthy meals. I will walk you step by step through every detail and show you how “stress free” eating healthy can be. The coaching session includes:

  • 1-week meal plan, recipes, shopping list and instructions.
  • Shopping trip to help you learn how to utilize the nutrition information on food labels
  • Full meal prep from start to finish in your home (or mine)
  • Note: Recommended time allowance 4-5 hours

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