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Certified Personal Trainer

Let me help you achieve your fitness goals! As a certified personal trainer for over 11 years, I am passionate about helping people learn and discover their strength, power and confidence in the gym.
I will also provide you accountability and encouragement to accomplish your goals. I will help educate you on utilizing proper form to get the most out of a movement, how to stay injury free, as well as how to push beyond your comfort zone to maximize your results.

Training Services

Personal Training


  • 1 Hour Session
  • Customized training plan
  • Designed for all fitness levels
  • Nutrition guidance and assistance
  • By appointment only

Small Group Fitness


  • 1 Hour Session (limited to 6 persons)
  • Resistance training and HIIT cardio
  • Fundamental training for any fitness level
  • By appointment only

Customized Workout Plan


  • Workout plan designed specifically for your goals & fitness ability
  • Weight-loss, Strength Training, Improved Mobility, Core, and more
  • Suggested cardio schedule included
  • 30-Day use of Fitness App included!

Exercise Aims

Weight training can reduce chronic pain associated with weak muscles

Exercise improves posture, sleep, mood and energy levels

Exercise can help with healthy body composition and weight management

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